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    Web Streaming

    Hello everyone

    This is sort of off-topic but since we have a lot of tech knowledge around, i thought i might be able to get help. My client needs a survelliance webcamera in his office streamed live to his laptop.

    I understand the part where the webcam is streamed off to the internet from the office to the office computer live. And then that can be viewed somehow on the web. Maybe on a web page itself, or a software or something.

    How is this possible ?
    Oh and by the way, the client runs on Microsoft obviously.
    We can't do with a Linux solution.

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    You may want to have a look at something like this.

    its actually a pretty cool little camera. I have one setup on some equipment at a remote site.

    I don't use their service though, because I view internal on my WAN. It has its own webserver on it, so you can connet right to it. Plug in the power and network cable, and you're good to go. (have to do a bit of config, but not much)

    At home, I have a small cheap camera(s) setup with motion detection (software driven via PC).
    If something moves where it shouldn't have, then it will take a snapshot and email it to you.

    I use the Creative Webcam III. I don't think they sell it anymore, but you can find similar.
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