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Thread: Thread Moved - Contact Subscribers

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    Thread Moved - Contact Subscribers

    For the first time ever I've noticed a thread I started has been moved.

    Now apart from the obvious shock, guilt and self loathing posting in the wrong forum generated, what was most difficult was finding where it had gone.

    I would suggest that if a thread is moved those people subscribed to the thread receive an email informing them where they can find the thread

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    it may csue clutter in the forum but what about ome kind of marker?? you know the thread title remains but it says *moved to GCC* or whatever and when you click on it redirects you to the moved thread - this could be left in place for 6hrs which should be enough if is an active thred - either that or look in your recent posts in your profile, if you click on it there it should take you to the movd thread


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    like v_Ln said.. you can find your posts through your profile or click on that magnifying glass next to your name.. or the search button in the middle of that row of buttons.

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    When I move posts I consider the following:

    - if the user has less than 100 posts, they are contacted (as they may be too new to figure out how to find stuff)
    - if a user is over 100 posts, I let them find it. The idea is that members have been at the forum long enough to figure out how to find their posts.

    I prefer not leaving a "redirect" option since new users might mistakenly think it's ok to put posts there. In addition, this adds to additional clutter of the forums. Given the number of posts I move in a given day (anywhere from 0 - 35), it will add up.
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