Has anyone had trouble using the Cisco VPN client on a Centrino laptop? When I install the Cisco VPN Client 4.0.3c it will completely disable my laptop from connecting to the network (both wired and wireless). I've tried updating to the latest drivers from the manufacture and different versions of the vpn client. If I disable the Deterministic Network Enhancer from either the LAN or WLAN connection properties I do get my network connection back, but this causes the vpn connection to only work on the LAN or WLAN connection that it wasn't disabled on. Or if I disable the Adapter Switching Driver (after the system hangs and has to be hard rebooted) I am able to connect to the network, but it is my understading that removing this disables the profile management for the wireless connection. I've googled this, checked out Cisco, Intel and the computer manufacture's sites and haven't found anything like the problem that I have. I did see that some systems were blue screening after installing the Nortel VPN client on a Centrino, but this isn't quite what I'm having happen. Intel lists on its site that the VPN concentrator and Client that I'm using is supported. If anyone has any ideas on what is going on or some other fixes for this it would be grately apprecated. I'm not looking forward to the support calls to Cisco, Intel and the pc manufacture on this issue. Also, I've been able to reproduce this on several laptops.