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    I have been using hijackthis to get rid of unwanted registry entrys
    from all sorts of crap and it has been a great tool for trojans as well.Could you guys or girls(don't want to offend)suggest other soft or freeware..
    Back ups or good to have.. Thanks pZargs

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    The cleaner from

    Ad aware from i think
    and Spyware search and destroy. I dont have time to give you links now, i have to go to work but if you go to the Spyware/Adaware forum you can find usefull tools.

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    Well...I could suggest TONS of excellent freeware utilities if only I knew what you were looking for.

    Do you want AV? Or perhaps another registry checker? Or maybe a dedicated trojan scanner?

    Be a bit more specific and we'd be happy to help out!

    Happy BHH (Black Hat Hunting) and Happy WHH (White Hat Hacking)

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