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Thread: Killer taunts victims' family on the 'Net

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    Killer taunts victims' family on the 'Net

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    Mary Kate Gach thought she had heard the last of Jack Trawick when he went to death row for murdering her daughter in 1992.

    Instead, Trawick's twisted writings about how he beat, strangled and stabbed Stephanie Gach and killed other women are available to anyone who wants to read them on the Internet. Many of the writings were put there by a one-time pen pal and admirer of Trawick's.

    The killer even taunts Mary Kate Gach by name.
    I know. I know. 1st Amendement but geez. I have to wonder that if you are imprisoned don't you, shouldn't you lose some rights? Basically, some of the writings go into the details of the murder of some of his victims. I dunno... This bugs me. I think if the guy who killed my mom did stuff like this, I'd have an issue (it's bad enough that he's getting day-passes -- excuse me, *******, you killed someone and you should have the right to walk around only 10 years after the fact!?)


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    of course, he will just get in more trouble for stalking... but there is no way he should be allowed to do stuff like that after murder, no excuse. no way that any of his followers or whatever should be allowed to mass communicate information like that, thats just messed. he should be dead right now! of course this intereferes with the freedom of information topic, lets not get into that right now...

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    And you woulda thought that they put people on death row
    to kill them, like "The Green Mile"
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    My first thought was "how the hell is he getting internet access?" Then, upon reading the article and finding out that it's not him doing it, it's some weirdo who is a "fan" does raise sticky first amendment issues, because if you can limit what one person puts on a website, you can limit them all. And then you have all the Charles Manson websites, and the Jeffrey Dahmer ones, and the Richard Ramirez's a part of the 'net that should be shut down completely, IMO. But you can't do that w/out giving government the right to shut down anyone's site that has something someone disagrees with on it. I don't know what I think should happen. Someone should pass a law that makes it illegal to put the demented drawings and musings of a torturer/murderer on the internet. And while we're waiting, if that poor woman would like me to join her in beating that ******* to a bloody pulp, I'd be up for it. I can't imagine the pain it causes her to know that people can read the intimate details of her daughters death. I ran thru google really quick to check a couple of pages w/ this guys stuff on it...2 of them were down due to too much server traffic, but the one that was up was really sick.
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