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Thread: Stupid alert...

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    Stupid alert...

    You have to wonder about the intelligence level of people sometimes... I don't know who to feel more sorrier for..

    CNN Source

    BERLIN, Germany (Reuters) -- German police are investigating after an angry man returned a computer he had just bought saying it was packed with small potatoes instead of computer parts.

    The store replaced the computer free of charge but became suspicious when he returned a short time later with another potato-filled computer casing, police in the western city of Kaiserslautern said on Monday.

    "The second time he said he didn't need a computer any more and asked for his money back in cash," a police spokesman said.

    Police are now investigating the man for fraud.
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    I would have been suspicious the first
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    I would have been suspicious as well. One question comes to mind : Could they be smuggling potatoes ? |o| j/k

    Good laugh though.
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    thats the lamest excuse you could ever make to refund a computer. its full of potatoes. hell, if i were running the store id be like yea, go shove those potatoes up your @$$. gosh, if hes going to commit fraud, he could have at least had a good excuse to do it. btw agent steal, nice quote from the usual suspects.

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    I lived in germany and let me tell you one thing, they LOVE potatos.

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    And germans love bananas. Ahem. perhaps the story would been better had he stuffed them full of those.

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    Sounds like something right out of a real world Monty Python Script.

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    How dumb do you have to be to try and pull the same scam twice on the store?
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    Maybe if he's mashed the potatoes the second time, so it wasn't exactly the same.
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    How dumb do you have to be to try and pull the same scam twice on the store?
    You'd be surprised how repetitive people can be in scams. There was a man a few years ago who would walk into my store once every other month, go get a product off the shelf and return it at the service desk for a cash refund. And yes, at Jewel food stores items returned valued under $10 can be returned without a receipt

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