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Thread: Fixing a "not functional" laptop modem

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    Question Fixing a "not functional" laptop modem

    I'm trying to fix an employee's laptop modem and have hit a brick wall...

    The modem: Compaq Pressario 56K-DF

    When I go into "Phone and Modem Options" from the Control Panel, it lists this modem under the "Modems" tab. In the "Attached To" collumn, it says "not functional". No further explanation is given, and evidently since it is not functional, you cannot get into its properties or do anything with it.

    Any clue as to what to do, or is this modem just R.I.P.?

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    What OS? 98? XP?

    You might try deleting the modem from the Device manager, reboot the computer then reinstall it.

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    since you can "hot plug" pcmcia cards, do as cheyenne says.. but physically take out the modem, then reinsert after you've rebooted.. if winblows recognizes it, you might get lucky and have it work again after you reinstall the drivers.. however, I've had a few pcmcia cards that would continually "lose it's place" requiring a reinstall of drivers each time I wanted to use it.. in the end, I tossed it and got another.

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