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Thread: AIM subprofile spy bot

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    AIM subprofile spy bot

    Today I discovered something pretty interesting.
    AIM users who use for a subprofile all have a user bot in the list of their viewed profile.
    the user bots name is dglov158 and it shows offline but is online in a stealth mode and u can actually type to it but it wont respond to you.
    when u click it's subprofile it takes u to some kinda porn site.
    I think this bot hosts itself when members sign up for the chromium sub profile, but I have no proof of this. that Host Admin file that I was told about in a previous thread detect it.

    does anyopne have any feedback on this ?

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    oops i meant to say that Host Admin file that I was told about in a previous thread might be able to detect it, but I dunno...

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    also another subprofile

    it also exists in

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    They're basically just bots that look for subprofiles (i dont actually know how, but someone can pitch in) so theyre seen in the 'Looked at profile list'. Once this is done people can look at their profile and be scammed into buying porn or whatever they're marketing. I have friends who have subprofiles and they have dozens of bots in the list, just another way of spam.

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