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    The world wide web is the world's most exciting and fastest-growing communications medium.
    It is the glossy, glamorous, user-friendly facet of the internet: a media-rich mixture of
    virtual shopping malls, music samples, museums, games, job agencies, movie previews and plenty
    more. Its coverage include about half a million compaines, everything from disneyland to
    wall street and everywhere from Iceland to Antarctica all from the keyboard to our computer.
    A light-speed modem is needed if we whant to use the world-wide web.It is desirable to use
    a 14,400 bps.
    The world-wide web comprises a large collection of documents called web pages. These web
    pages are stored to an computers across the world. A vast amount of information is provided
    by these web pages. The information may include graphics, sound and even movies.
    Web pages may be stored by a university, a government agency or a company to be viewed by
    all. Any of these departments is called a web site.
    A webbrowser is a program. It allows us to view and to explore information on the world
    wide web.
    Hypertext is a system for viewing information on a computer screen in a non-serial manner
    such that related items of information can easily be reached.
    A helper program is also known as a viewer. A browser is helped by it in performing those
    tasks which the browser itself can't do.A web browser needs its help to work with certain
    kinds if sound, video, animation and graphics found on the web.

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    If you've got an original tutorial and it's not security-related, it goes here.
    taken from the description of the forum section..

    tell me that you wrote this.. and it's original.

    A light-speed modem is needed if we whant to use the world-wide web.It is desirable to use a 14,400 bps.
    right.. let's all upgrade to 14.4k modems.. it's blazingly fast.

    as, prodikal said in your hardware thread.. if you don't stop your mindless posting, I too will hit your computer with a baseball bat. READ the rules, FAQ's.. I answered a post of yours just two days ago.. with this very same question. You are too stupid to own a computer, pack it back up in it's box and give it to the needy.. or find yourself some other forum to troll around in.. goodbye.

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    Ok Im just confused though my spidey senses tell me a flame war is a coming, thread closed.

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