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Thread: PHPbb Skinning Tutorial Part #1 and #2

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    Smile PHPbb Skinning Tutorial Part #1 and #2

    There are a lot of people skinning PHPbb and since I have skinned more than my share of BB's, I will post both here for you guys to have fun with. Included:

    Tutorial Part #1 and #2 in PDF and Plain Text format

    Support files

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.


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    that must have taken alot of time - really well done mate am impressed
    one of the most detailed tuts have read on here in a long time - kudos to you

    major greenies coming your way - its times like these I wish you could give x2


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    ooops, forgot to add the support files to it.

    Thanks v_Ln, I have had it in my posession for quite a while and has a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. But I thought it would be helpful.

    For those of you who downloaded the tutorial files, make sure you grab this too. It is good to have a roadmap on how the end result looks.

    I am fixing the grammatical and other errors and putting them in a neat HTML reference. It is almost done and should be uplaoded today. The variables list only included the templating variables but not the PHP tag variants. I will have to scour the code to find them all, but it is helpful when calling functions from OUTSIDE phpbb to work with other pages.

    Sorry for trouble.

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    Fixed. Download this instead, because it is now in an easy to read HTML file including the support files.

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