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Thread: my comp's restarting again&again!

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    my comp's restarting again&again!

    Hey all.Well I have a problem here.Whenever I connect to the internet,after a few minutes,my computer restarts.No its not like the Blaster Worm..and I don't even see the normal "Windows Is shutting down" screen when it restarts.It just reboots as if someone would have turned off the switch where all the wires go,which didn't happen.Also,I didn't notice any unusual processes when I pressed ALT+CTRL+Delete.Since it restarts right after a few seconds of my turning on the internet,I don't get time to do research on the virus.Does anyone have any idea of what it is?

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    Your not really making this easy. But do this. When you start up your Computer Hit

    Cntrl+Alt+Del and tell me what you see under processes. There might be a process there running that shouldn't be. If there is shut it down then try to connect. If that let's you on. Then just look around and try to see what the Virus is.

    Also try to see if it is just with IE, or with all browsers. I have been having problems with IE lately. (Which I am starting to believe is a piece oh ****.)

    But it might be a problem with IE. Try to delete your Temp files. Which is where most Virii hide. Also clear your cache. Then see what happens if none of that works. I don't know what the hell is wrong. Give me a sec. I might think of something.

    When was the last time that you ran. A FULL!!!! system scan for a virus. When was the last time. That you Updated your Virus detection Software?

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    Ali, I did some research for you and basically came to three conclusions based on what I found in the sites I visited. The rebooting could be attributed to one of these 3 issues (and maybe more).

    A worm/virus
    CPU overheating
    Fluctuating/inadequate power supply

    I'd recommend updating and running an AV program, followed by a Trojan scan. Next, I'd check to make sure all your fans are running, especially your CPU fan. (to see if your CPU has proper cooling.) I don't know much about fixing power supply issues so I won;t even begin to pretend to know how.
    This maybe could get you going? I hope this helps.

    I know this sounds cheesy but, maybe you could get a friend (with working internet) to download, copy to a CD, and run PC Doctor on your computer? I dunno, I'll give the link and maybe it can help you out in the long run.
    PC Doctor

    Here's an exerpt from PC Doctor:
    Check for viruses first. Some viruses (especially memory-resident viruses) can cause the PC to crash or reboot unexpectedly. If you haven't run your virus checker yet, do so now. Check the power-supply cables and verify that they are attached properly and securely to the motherboard. Use a voltmeter to verify that each output from the power supply is correct. If any output is low (especially the 5-V out-put), replace the power supply. With all power off, check to see that the CPU is cool, that the heatsink/fan assembly is fitted on correctly, and that the CPU itself is inserted properly and completely into its socket. If the CPU overheats, it will stall; taking the entire system with it. If the CPU is seated in a Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket, be sure that the socket's tension lever is closed and locked into place. Also be sure that all SIMMs are seated properly in their holders and locked into place. You might try removing each SIMM, cleaning the contacts, and re-installing the SIMMs. Be sure that all expansion boards are seated properly. Any boards that are not secured properly or that are inserted unevenly, can short bus signals and cause spurious reboots. If you've recently installed new expansion hardware, be sure that there are no hardware conflicts between interrupts, DMA channels, or I/O addresses. Inspect the motherboard at every metal standoff and see that no metal traces are being shorted against a standoff or screw. You might want to free the motherboard and see if the crashes or reboots go away. If so, use non-conductive spacers (such as a small piece of manila folder) to insulate the motherboard from each metal standoff. If the system continues to crash or reboot (and all voltages from the power supply are correct), replace the motherboard".
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    1. Does this only happen when you attempt an internet connection? What I mean is can you boot your computer and use it for any length of time?

    2. How long is it between each re-boot............please time this reasonably accurately.

    3. Manually start Dr.Watson and then go into the the log on here.

    Good luck

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    Since you've written a Tutorial dealing with Firewalls and Virus Scanners...

    Building on ShagDevil's suggestion...I'd like to ask what your Computer's Specs are? IE how much RAM and the speed of your CPU. Also, are you using a WinModem? These modems require the CPU to work harder when you connect to the Internet, and on older systems the computer can lockup/restart. If you have a fairly modern system with a decent amount of RAM, this normally isn't an issue though... My old AMD-K6-2-300 with ~64MB RAM and Windows 98 didn't suffer this, to give you an idea of the low specs associated with this. If your ram is around 32MB, I'd be worried. But for this to be considered the reason, is there any new software you went around installing (That would take up these resources)? If so, use Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and exit some of these tasks to free up Resources and try to connect.

    Good luck. I'm gonna go on a short road trip! Hopefully this is a good platform to start solving your problems.

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    Re: my comp's restarting again&again!

    Originally posted here by ali1
    Hey all.Well I have a problem here.Whenever I connect to the internet,after a few minutes,my computer restarts.No its not like the Blaster Worm..and I don't even see the normal "Windows Is shutting down" screen when it restarts.
    My parents are clueless at times. Nobody ever bothered to patch the box or run & update the AV. And some where within a few seconds to a few hours the box was hit with MSblaster. There was no promt at all. Don't assume it will be like some of the shutdown commands in command promt that countdown or prompt a user. But then agian my parents were hit with welchia on another computer & there was a bit of a count down before the shutdown... but then after that there was no promt or popup at all.

    If you still think its not worms DoSing you then do what everyone else has suggested like leaveing your computer on for awhile, stay offline, check your fans, & (ect). Also If I wanted to I could also make scripts that can shutdown your computer, logoff, restart, change the start-page, detect and end processes, and lots of other things. This could easly be inserted into a web page.

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    I used to have such probs but not with Internet.
    This solution I dont think will help much but try Re-installing IE.
    If this dosn't work try a stable and SMALL OS like Win. Me or previous versions.
    It reduced my restart rate.
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    If you're using Windows XP/2000, do you get a "System has recovered from a serious error" dialog box after the comp reboots. If you do, this is because, Windows XP reboots automatically whenever there is a BSOD-like error. Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Event Viewer. Select "System" and check to see if there are any errors (Red Circle With a white cross) and see what's wrong. Otherwise, look at what the others have said.
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    can i post a good anit visus and sn for it here.

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    Originally posted here by recon
    can i post a good anit visus and sn for it here.
    You can post a link to the website of a good anti-virus, but please don't post the program itself (unless it is freeware) or an illegal serial number (sn?). This site is not about software piracy. There are plenty of free options for software available through out the net to make stealing software somewhat pointless. If you want an example try


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