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Thread: **** antiamericanism,kill bush plz smbody?

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    Thumbs down **** antiamericanism,kill bush plz smbody?

    I am not an american and i think that bush is the greatest president!
    What he did for the world: he created 1000 bin laden making terrorism a real problem,he killed innocent people (afghanistan,iraq),he helped to destroy environment (not signing kioto agreement,arising the global warming effect),he did nothing for poverty,AIDS or any other problem even if he is president in the most powerful country...and dont forget Guandanamo prisonners 'of war'
    and though he will spend 450 billion $ in military ****...
    What he did for american people:he helped rich people to become richer,poor to become poorer,he virtually destroyed any help to those in need of help (health,education), he followed a horrible economic policy (America's biggest deficiency in the world still going up,dollar still going down,unemployment is arising-2800000 less jobs in 2003) and most important : no respect for human rights anymore (patriot act,journalist prosecution,penalty of death still exists)
    What he did for me: he tried thoroughly to convince me that americans are stupid,self centered people full of cruelty, he convinced me not to ever come in the US (they have to take my fingerprints as if i was a criminal when entering on your country) and he made me think that maybe life in Mars is not a bad idea finally (as earth seems not to be very friendly anymore....)
    Well if you dont believe that Bush is a great president...just read the newspapers.....
    PS:everything i said is true...dont believ me? Read the news....if any american reads thislz just vote on november and just vote for democrats or anybody (even Schwarzeneger!!!) else except bush...pleaseeeeeee!!!

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    You already posted this ummm..stuff... in another thread. *Closed*

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