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    Question CD Burning Problems

    as should be obvious, i burn an @$$load of cds. anyways, ive been burning alotta music cds lately, and i have this one problem... ive been burning on CD-RWs, and they have been messing up alot. its on Memorex CD-RWs with 700mb and 80min., and max burning speed of 4x. i have a liteon CD-R CD-RW drive, and am using Windows Media Player to burn. anyways, most of the cd works fine, but on the last few 3 or 4 songs they sound like crap, large portions of the song are missing, and the very last ones dont work, although they are there. i have an awesome cd player, it works fine with other CD-RWs and stuff... at first i figured maybe i was burning too fast, so then i slowed the speed down to 1x and checked to make sure the minutes and the size were not exceeded, and they werent. but the end of the cd still screwed up. im not sure if this has to do wiht the drive or not, thats why i put it in the hardware section, but i dunno... if anybody can help me please do...
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    why not download a trial of Nero or another free/shareware CD burner program and see if that makes it better? if not, i think the problem would probably be with your burner.

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    The thing is with Media Player and all microsoft apps for that matter, is they are so system intensive. You can get problems with Media player recording and playback when there is alot of background resorces running. Try killing off some of the process you have running using the computer management tool in the control pannel. Then try burning again.

    The best option though is to bye a desent burning software package, there are plenty on offer and most of them will offer a limitted trial download. Try a few out and see which one you like the best. I use Roxio easy dvd & cd creator 6 but i like Nero Rom better.

    A point to remember though is don't try running more than one burning app at a time as they don't like being installed at the same time. Nero do have an app that will let you install both Nero Rom & Roxio. It let's you choose to boot with one or the other.

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    Are you downloading this songs via kazaa or some other program like that?

    The reason I ask, is because when using Kazaa, sometimes the songs sound bad or are screwed up.

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    Have you tried getting another make of CD from another store...........I have known this sort of problem from a bad batch of media, or incompatible media (4x-12x not working in a 1x-4x drive for example).

    You might also try burning two less tracks and reversing the order. The first is to see if the problem could be due to the last tracks being compressed, the second will show if the problem is on the master CD............some kind of anti-copy stuff?


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