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Thread: Cisco Aironet Access Point vulnerability to RF attack?

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    Exclamation Cisco Aironet Access Point vulnerability to RF attack?

    I remember reading awhile back that the Cisco Aironet series of Access point (wireless 802.11 router/access point) was vulnerable to an RF based attack that caused a hard reset of the device. Returning the AP to it's default settings.

    has anyone heard of this? Or is it documented anywhere?
    BTW, Not the SNMP exploit but the RF based reset attack.

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    hey this is as much as i can find

    and i dont think thats what ur lookin for...sry. You sure it exists? cuz i cant find nothin on google or bugtraq

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    I believe that is known as a "Bit-Flip Attack". I would Google it for more information (I can't remember all of the details). In the meantime, go here: to get the latest, patched firmware if you need it.
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