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Thread: i can't send any private msg

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    i can't send any private msg

    i was actually trying to reply on a personal message and it won't let me. I can't find the reply link anymore . I deleted some of the messages in my inbox and it wont let me compose or reply a message. What's seems to be wrong?

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    try to follow this link and tell me if it works

    if not i'll contact mnstrgrl for you in case she doesn't see this thread. And did you change your e-mail recently. (in your profile)

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    I read the bugs forum almost everyday, so I've seen this one

    Amplifiedgirl -- when you say it won't let you compose or reply, do you mean you don't see the buttons for those options, or that you get an error message when you try to use them? If it's an error message, what does it tell you?

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