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Thread: Have you hugged your personal firewall today??

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    Talking Have you hugged your personal firewall today??

    Received from Full Disclosure list..

    I just wanted to remind everybody that tomorrow is Personal Firewall Day.

    The Personal Firewall Day is a campaign designed to raise awareness about the dangers we face without a personal firewall. Security experts such as yourself are encouraged to use the occasion of Personal Firewall Day to share your expertise and advice with your lesser technologically skilled
    friends and family, and help get them secured by installing a personal firewall - this could be as simple as helping them turn on the XP firewall. Direct them to the website where they can learn more about personal firewalls and other layers of protection.

    Compromised end-user machines affect us all and the Internet as a whole when they are used as zombies for DDoS networks or proxies by criminal spammers, and your personal effort can help remedy this.

    PFD is a direct result of the discussions that originated from the NTBugtraq Retreat '03, and would not have been possible without the dedication and hard work put into the project by Paul Robertson, director of risk assessment with TruSecure and the original proponent of the idea.

    Thor Larholm
    Senior Security Researcher
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    I may install a firewall tommorow or make a small one out of the box i got laying around. Didnt know this day existed tx for sharing

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    I love my firewalls.

    They have saved me on many occasions. The Blaster worm, my recent DoS, and many other occasions.

    Thank you Sygate. (They do need to work on some aspects though, the explanations of log entries specifically....)
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    ROFL! I didn't know that existed!

    Too bad halmark doens't make a card... I'd get one and tape it to the side or the box?

    I do, however, have a card maker somewhere around here... hmmm...

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    Personal Firewall Day I also didn't know that it existed.

    Humm wonder what's next Personal Antivirus Day ?
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    I wish more professional IT people knew and/or understood firewalls. I know programmers and network admins that don't know squat about them yet when I attempt to educate them they just say that firewalls cause to much problems on networks! I cringed when I received that comment.

    I love my firewalls!! Thanks for the info Ms. Mittens and I will continue to try and educate all the people I know about how important it is to have a firewall.


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    Smile HaPpY FiReWaLL DaY!

    AO helped me extend my knowledge more about firewalls!
    Thanks to everyone here!
    Thanks to..
    -------------Zone Alarm
    -------------Black ICe
    -------------Sygate!!! (even though it didnt gave me the chance to use it!)
    -------------and to all the firewalls i tried (cant remember some of them)

    Firewalls are great..too bad i cant keep all of them. Happy Firewall Day!

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    I dont use a personal firewall. I dual boot with redhat (I use iptables) and win98. I dont have file and print sharing enabled - let them scan away.

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    Thanks iptables team

           Rusty  Russell  wrote iptables, in early consultation with
           Michael Neuling.
           Marc Boucher made Rusty abandon ipnatctl by lobbying for a
           generic packet selection framework in iptables, then wrote
           the mangle table, the owner match, the mark stuff, and ran
           around doing cool stuff everywhere.
           James Morris wrote the TOS target, and tos match.
           Jozsef Kadlecsik wrote the REJECT target.
           Harald Welte wrote the ULOG target, TTL, DSCP, ECN matches
           and targets.
           The Netfilter Core Team is: Marc Boucher,  Jozsef  Kadlec-
           sik, James Morris, Harald Welte and Rusty Russell.
           Man page written by Herve Eychenne <>.
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    Although I think that it's a great idea for a date to be given to firewalls, I just don't think it can be enough.

    I for one support the idea of "Personal Firewall Day" because it may provoke internet users to update their firewalls, thus curbing the amount of destruction that is being wreaked throughout the internet these days with the countless viruses being released and the countless script-kiddie attacks being lauched on innoncent home users.

    Even though it's a great idea, "Personal Firewall Day" will not get its message across. The only individuals who will have heard of this event will be those who follow the computer security culture and not the users who need this advice. Just think...there aren't any news stories being run on the subject and there certainly aren't any advertisements being run (except maybe in computer magazines). The only people who are going to know about "Personal Firewall Day" are those who are already security-concious, the same people who already have firewalls.

    I agree with the idea but I think without any attention, "Personal Firewall Day" will only be directed at a certain group of users: those who don't need to reminded of firewalls.

    Just my thoughts!

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