Hello Our firewall was recently hit witha hacker . I back traced it with my software , got all the bounce points, 12 of them the last bounce point was mercury.wlcom.mx then it has for the last trace a done and blanks. I have someone investigating it apparently what their ip security experts are saying is that the done is the actual hackers ip address blocked by a firewall., I do know how he may have gotten my ip . because when we go into chat rooms on MSN it records you're ip , one of the ways ,so anyway to get this guys ip i have tried looking for this mercury thing , but as he said a good hacker will change the host name but not the ip address. he said its like a signature? anyideas , how i can stop this I run xp my firewall is great , and so far nothing has gotten through, however my dad used to say a lock only keeps honest men honest , if someone wants it they will find a way to get it . so if i have an ip and its legit , but the host name isnt how do i find t?