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Thread: Red Hat Linux 7.x and 8.0 end of life

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    Red Hat Linux 7.x and 8.0 end of life

    This was in my inbox this morning and figured I'd post this for those who haven't seen it yet.

    Dear Red Hat Linux 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 8.0 customers,

    In accordance with our errata support policy, the Red Hat Linux 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 8.0 distributions have now reached their errata maintenance end-of-life.

    This means that we will no longer be producing security, bugfix, or enhancement updates for these products. Red Hat Linux 9 reaches end of life on April 30, 2004.

    As our product family grows and expands, we want to help you migrate to the Red Hat solution that is right for you. Whether that's one of our Red Hat Enterprise Linux products or the Fedora Project, our Red Hat Linux Migration Resource Center can help you find the Red Hat solution best suited for your needs:

    The errata support policy, as well as our current errata and advisories, are available from:

    --the Red Hat Network Team
    I'm no longer using these versions online. I'm using RH9.0 on my server still, but I'll soon be changing it to something else...

    Offtopic: Dell has servers buy two get one free... and I need servers for work... which means I get a new (free) server for home! It is going to come with win2k3, but I'll probably just keep the license for that, and load a *nix on there. I like *nix much better for my server...
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    Red Hat Linux 9 reaches end of life on April 30, 2004.
    Thats not cool. I just purchased Red Hat 9 in October 2003, now it's almost at the end of life? That sucks. Good thing I have Windows XP Professional for backup. phishphreek80 thank you for the information appreciate it.

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    RH is getting worse than MS.
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    I used to really like redhat, but the last two versions (7.3 and 9) have been pretty bad. 7.3 wouldn't let me compile my own kernel modules (as in I couldn't write my own drivers, etc.) and with 9, I couldn't get my nvidia tnt video card to work. I got their install program to work fine with 7.3, but with 9 when I tried to startx, my computer died with their driver.

    I've been thinking for a while about moving to another dist. The only thing about that is that redhat's so easy to install that I'm not sure about anything else. Ah well...I'll just have to read the install info for some other things.

    The one really good thing that I found about redhat was the driver support. Most pieces of hardware seemed compatible. Ah well...enough lamenting.

    [edit] maybe I'll try a bsd now :P [/edit]


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    <offtopic>You should try slackware if you don't mind an install without flashy graphics. It's got a nice text based install that I personally enjoy because it gives me a lot of flexibility. The only problem that I can see a fairly seasoned RH user (if you can compile kernel modules, you're probably more than a linux n00b) having is doing the fdisk manually.</offtopic>
    Every version of Redhat after 7.2 has sucked bigtime.
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    I love my RH 7.3 install. I've had it on my laptop for longer than I can remember. It compiles kernel modules just fine. Update GCC, QT, make, and other usefull librarys, and new software installs are not a problem. It even installed the winmode which is built into my dell laptop with minimal tweaking.

    I was just sorry to see RH go corporate with the new "fedora" platform, which will cost. =/

    oh well ... guess thats evolution.

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    Fedora is free:

    And this does not make them any better or worse than MS. Pulling back support for certain distros is a very common buisness solution to a lot of problems. It's just smart buisness. They are now a buisness company fully supported by IBM. This means they are now in the buisness of programming, and in the buisness of making money(like any good buisness). By supporting very old distro softwares their customer/tech support team has to be trained that much longer, for that much more money. By centralizing and focusing on only a couple of distros, the support team can be twice as knowledgeable without spreading it too far, while removing the time and wasted money on older distros that should have been upgraded to Fendora anyways.

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    Originally posted here by extremez
    RH is getting worse than MS.
    I dont' think that is very fair, they are taking the logical step of focusing on corporate accounts ,and there is fedora. Red hat is a business and they have decided to change their focus. They have done a LOT of good for linux , how many people out there have been provided with free continual updates from them ,for many years?
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    Now repeat after me: I love SuSE 8.x Professional, I love SuSE 8.x Professional.......

    SuSE will not abandon me, SuSE will not abandon me.....

    ( I hope they are listening!!)

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    That's the great thing about open source. Just because the "company" has stopped supporting the product doesn't mean millions of uber geeks around the world are going to stop finding bugs and making patches available...

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