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Thread: Online Gaming *Laws*

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    Online Gaming *Laws*

    A lot of gaming companies are turning their attention to online gaming. In these online games, your are buying (digital accessories) with your hard earned money. Some state laws claim that if your purchase digital accessories, your own the digital accessories. However, many gaming sites claim you lose your account and you lose everything. What is your take on this and do you have proof on what your local laws state about this topic?

    Online gamer in China wins virtual theft suit

    I understand the story is on theft, but either way. If you purchase something, that technically you have ownership of it.

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    definently. if you pay your hard earned money for something, digital or not, you OWN it. these companies should know better, lose your account and its all over? bulls**t, thats retarded. like i said, you pay for it, you buy it, and it is YOURS.
    Sorry, couldnt find anything about it in my local laws...
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    I think what you are actually paying for is simply the account and you should have a user agreement on what types of conditions the company has in regards to you losing your items, if you've agreed to something saying they don't have to return them if they are lost then your sol :/
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    The companies should know its bad for business if too many lose their accounts, so they should make it so the account is very difficult to lose.
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