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Thread: Changing your xp startup screen?

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    Changing your xp startup screen?

    I was curious if any of you os experts could lead me in the right direction.I have read that it is possible to change your startup screen for 95 and 98.when you start up it shows the win 95 or 98 logo.and from what I read it was as simple as replacing the .bmp file in the C:windows\logos.sys file.Now I have not tried on 95 or 98 becuase I am currently running xp.But I certainly tried like hell to find anything like it on xp, with no such luck.I have searched everywhere for all .bmp folders in hidden files and everything.
    Now if it is possible I am not asking that someone tell me how to do it, but to lead me in the right direction PLZ...thanks in advance... pZargs

    Ps : if someone has allready asked I apologize ,just could not find anything related..

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    Here you can download good boot screens

    How to set it up?

    Boot Screens

    If you have multiple logon screens that you would like to select between, please look at this app. Looks like a very nice utility.

    Backup (copy) the file %windir%\system32\ntoskrnl.exe (most likely C:\windows\system32\ntoskrnl.exe - the boot screen)
    Download the .zip to your computer
    Extract ntoskrnl.exe to a directory other than %windir%\system32 (most likely C:\windows\system32)
    Reboot your computer into Safe Mode (hit F8 before the boot screen) or into true DOS (from a boot disk)
    Overwrite the file %windir%\system32\ntoskrnl.exe (which should have been backed up) with the extracted exe
    Reboot your computer as you normally would

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    You rock MEM that is excactly what I was needing...You guys need to start writing books.
    how to's for noobs(it should out sell the for dummies books!!)
    thanks agian.....pZargs

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    go to

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    I'm doing this from memory, but for windows 98 you go to dos prompt then type the following

    cd system
    attrib logos.sys -a -s -h
    Then open up logos.sys in paint or any other program after you resave it just go back to the dos prompt and type

    attirb logos.sys +a +s +h

    I know they already gave you a link to download screens, but thats how I remember to do it manually for windows 98.

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    thanks again...

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