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Thread: Concerning user logons on WXP

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    Question Concerning user logons on WXP

    This is a question posed as an assignment for my Advanced LAN class, so all input will be HIGHLY appreciated...

    The problem: When a user logs on Windows XP and then logs off, that user's user name is what is displayed when another user logs on. For example, if I log on as "james", do my thing, then log off, when Bob comes to the logon screen, the user name will still say "james" and he'll have to replace it with "bob" before he enters his password. So what I need to figure out is how to get XP to default to a blank user name on the logon screen, instead of displaying the previous user's name. I think this is likely going to involve altering a configuration file.

    So, know of any solutions?

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    Google for Tweak UI

    Theres a setting in there that lets you clear the last users logon name.

    Its a registry hack, but using tweak UI is easier.

    I'm sure if you scroll the group policy, theres a setting there to.

    go to start--run--and type in gpedit.msc

    Scroll through Administrative Templates and look for that option.

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    Google is immensely helpful for stuff like this....

    Look for local security policy.

    Info about account and local policies

    info specifically about showing the last username in the logon box.,

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