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Thread: Programming for Hacking

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    I disagree about composing "hacking programs", as in it is a vital part to any true network security consultant. Precoded, no, but it does save a lot of time and energy by placing your methods into a usable program interface (ie. testing your webservers and new webservers you create by hand each time is a waste if you can program a scanner which runs those checks for you)

    The difference being you know how the tools work, you know how to program them, and can make your own. NOT to be used for illegal activity, but to make your legal job a lot easier.

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    wow, Pooh, you talking about on-the-fly, seat of your pants kinda stuff here. c0ding has its monetary value in the $$$ agreed. but like Pooh says, if you can write your own exploits you'll be able to "hypotetically" anyways, repair or even find and repair exploits before they are in the wild or otherwise. I know a few Hackers that do so...... assembler any1?

    by the way, Pooh, In order to obtain victory, one must get inside the skin of the opponent. Once you undertand the opponents motives and your own, you canot help but win. The opponent does not know you, so the opponent will lose; kind of comes to mind here...... ?! maybe slightly mis-quoted wu-shu?!
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    Yup this time I'll have to agree with pooh..

    Time == Money

    and therefore scripting stuff and programming helpfull tools (although they might not be helpfull to anyone but you) is a good thing..

    I've written and co-writtend dozens of small apps that can be used with mallicious intent..
    although it's not the reasen they were created..
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    Well I started out learning programming to hack. I guess I am the only one here that did.. LOL

    As a kid I loved to take this apart to see how they worked. But now I am a security consultant so I guess I ended up doing it for the money.

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    Ok first of all shame on those who learnt programming for money.. i wont give you any antipoints because i am bored....i learn programming ( why all you guys are using the term learnt instead of learn??? I thought you never learn a programming language but that you are alway learning) in C (i am still a perfect newbie though) and in Pascal and i think programming is magic... anyway maybe it s just all about money....AS to your question stickmansquark i think that what you are asking is totally possible even if you dont know to program at all.. the biggest hole in security is the human factor (social engineering)...but being a great programmer and knowing very well the OS of your target (e.g. being able to find alone holes in the other network) can help you a lot...but in every case programming is sth much more important that hacking...
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    Re: Programming for Hacking

    Originally posted here by stickmansquark
    Is the only reason to learn how to program is to custom make your own tools for cracking? ecause I was wondering itf it was possible to crack into somebody elses computer only using the os and the internet.

    no! the main reason to learn to program (if you're running windows) is to modify things in order to get your POS operating system to work!
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    I started learning so that I may do something other than manual labor for a living. It's not magic....any clown can learn to do it with patience, practice, and alot of reading. It's also fun to make your own stuff and see it work. Anyone who really enjoys doing it and thinks it should be done for free is a fool. Why not get paid to do what you like?
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    Originally posted here by tyfon
    Ok first of all shame on those who learnt programming for money.. i wont give you any antipoints because i am bored....i
    As if learning how to program in order to gain a excuse to label yourself as something (ie) hacker or a excuse to feel and act as if you are somehow "above" the average computer user is any better than selling out to the big wigs and makeing money out of it all.

    Do you honestly think that when you buy a computer and/or software that these companies started out with anything other than a yerning for money? And if these peaple didn't constantly worry so much about money then naturally someone else would cash in on the same old crap then scoop up and grab whatever money is out there.

    should be a bit more polite especially with your experience
    Tyfon, You know the only reason why I come to AO... or hell the only reason why I even touch a computer is to entertain myself. I don't come here to please other peaple so Listen up, im not here to be your mother ****ing friend. Im not a saint or super hero. Im not even someone you can look up to. I'll be damned if you think you can force me to make attempts to re-word or better myself. And even if I made attempts at that it would only mean peaple would eventually expect more & more from me to a point where I can no longer provide more. But if you want I can just lie and say im sorry about pissing you off or whatever... just like what I did with Pooh sun tzu in a PM a few days ago.

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    After putting a small effort to understand what you were just saying |The|Specialist i have to answer to your magnificent post:
    a)did not say i am above anybody, if you see my profile you will understand i am a newbie,i consider myself a newbie and i respect those who know a lot more than me...but i expect those guys to be polite as they were in same position in the very very long past...or maybe you were born experienced,sorry
    b)dont have illusions about money but.....i just heard a word called open source some months ago and then realised that there are people who dont think as capitalistic pigs and i respect them and want to be like dont seem to but anyway
    Maybe i respect you |The|Specialist but i dont have any other positive feelings about you....
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