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Thread: get remote pc name

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    Question get remote pc name

    hey guys, how can i get the remote pc name, just by supplying the ip address? i need to do this programmatically. also, how can i do this other than c++? i want to implement it in a coldfusion code.

    the xSharez Scanner can display the remote pc name.. i wanted to do something like that on a web app.

    also, is there a website that can do that?

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    Under some circumstances, a netbios name query will reveal the PC name. Note that some people could consider this an attack so use it with caution.

    It also seems, that on some Windows boxes, gethostbyaddr() sends such a request (and indeed, returns the response string) if it's not successfully resolved the host by DNS. I don't know why this is or how to stop it.

    Note that this is trivially faked, so should not be relied on for anything.


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    The reason that I ask is that I have some software that changes my details randomly every 30 seconds (I think that 5 seconds is the shortest interval), so what good would it do you?

    I think that we need some more information about what you hope to achieve to give you the right answer?


    EDIT: Damn, you type faster than me Slarty

    Note that this is trivially faked, so should not be relied on for anything

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