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Thread: stolen fileserver password?

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    stolen fileserver password?

    Hi, I have an account on a fileserver which is mine (on my school system computer). My school though doesnt let me access these files after i have recently graduated so i can't even read them. I was wondering tif their was a program I could download that would allow me to hack into the 2-way encryption password protected fileserver on a mac. thanks for your help or any links to mac cracking tools you have. Thanx!

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    Let's see here. You want to violate your former school's acceptable use policy and break the law by breaking into their computers to access files that you don't own? And you want us to help you break the law? Do you not see anything wrong with this?

    You might want to seriously reconsider this...
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    Since you graduated, and the school's policy is that graduated students can no longer have access to "their" accounts, I'd say that the account isn't yours anymore. You accessing the account without the school's permission would be illegal.
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