Hi all,

I just went out and picked up SUSE 9.0 pro, as I hear a lot of people saying nice stuff about suse. I have been a redhat guy, but, hey, I want to try it.....

I install suse on a machine, get ntop(network usage monitor, http://www.ntop.org ) installed because this machine is going to monitor traffic on one of my network segments.

I want to enable remote access to ntop over ssl(which ntop will do, using its own little webserver) through a reverse proxy using mod_proxy on apache2 because I trust my ability to configure secure remote access using mod_proxy and apache2 more than the built in ntop webserver, rightly or wrongly.

Problem is, I cannot find mod_proxy anywhere on the install CD's. If I am remembering correctly, mod_proxy is one of the modules which usually comes with the default apache2 download. Am I missing something?

I can of course remove apache2, and then download the latest stable release from apache website and install from source, and I am about to, but, why does suse leave this package out????? Not only this one, but lots of the modules for apache are left out.

Any thoughts, anyone know of something I am missing, like an oddly named rpm on the install cd's which will install these?

So far, my impression of SUSE is that they are great as far as the install goes(it resized my windows partition without killing it) but the lack of packages like mod_proxy has me doubting whether I want to use it for long.

Sure I could use squid, but, I do not do much work with squid, and doing a reverse proxy with mod_proxy means (on redhat anyway) removing the # from two lines, and then typing 4 or so lines in the config file, I would be days figuring out how to do this with squid.