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Thread: 50th wedding anniversary

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    50th wedding anniversary

    Jack and Frances are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

    Jack says to Frances, "Frances, I was wondering ... have you ever cheated on me?"

    Frances replies, "Oh Jack, why would you ask such a question now? You don't want to ask that question."

    "Yes, Frances, I really want to know. Please..."

    "Well, all right. Yes, 3 times..."

    "Three? Well, when were they?" he asked.

    "Well, Jack, remember when you were 35 years old, and you really wanted to start the business on your own, and no bank would give you a loan? Remember, then one day the bank president himself came over the house and signed the loan papers, no questions asked?"

    "Oh, Frances, you did that for me! I respect you even more than ever, to do such a thing for me. So, when was number two?"

    "Well, Jack, remember when you had that last heart attack, and you were needing that very tricky operation, and no surgeon would touch you? Then remember how Dr. DeBakey came all the way up here, to do the surgery himself, and then you were in good shape again?"

    "I can't believe it Frances, that you should do such a thing for me, to save my life. I couldn't have a more wonderful wife. To do such a thing, you must really love me darling. I couldn't be more moved."

    " So, all right then, when was number three?"

    "Well, Jack, remember a few years ago, when you really wanted to be president of the golf club, and you were 17 votes short..?"
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    Would that be 3 or 19? -- lol

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    I bet the husband doesnt know what to think....should he be mad or glad lol
    I'd be mad

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    it was terrific
    Sometimes realitys are dreams we cannot live in.... (as my bst fren says) [/shadow]

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