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Thread: Which Linux to use

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    Post Which Linux to use

    I got a new HD and so I'm thinking about making a new partition and installing a Linux OS
    On linux im like a total newbie ....any suggestions which one to use...
    I have the .iso of suse so i would have to make the cd and the 3 boot disks but i dunno if i should use this one...suggestions are very welcome

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    It sort of depends what you want to do with it.... programming, security, server... etc. It also is helpful to see if the particular distro you want supports your hardware.

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    Someone please change the record..

    or CD or whatever.


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    I think slarty means use the search function next time as this is a popular question.

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    I personally enjoyed RedHat, but in light of their switch to Fedora, I would have to say SuSE. It has everything RedHat did, and has out of the box windows interoperability. NTFS support is there, including an NTFS partiton resizer. Slackware is damn good too...

    My vote is as always for SuSE.
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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    I'd install SuSE too. Another idea you may want to play with is Knoppix. You could download a .iso, burn it to cd, and learn to use linux without having to install it.

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    I say download and use the Redhat 9 iso distro. Redhat has always been geared more towards linux newbies and with massive hardware support. RH 9 is still avaliable for download, but support is no longered officially offered. Of course, that means very little, since you can still ask anyone for help, just not the official RH team. Fendora (basically RH 10) is the latest release by RedHat, just fyi.

    SuSe is a good choice, but a bit advanced if you are just stepping into the world of Linux. A thoughtful idea above was to use the knoppix release CD, basically a Linux bootable CD that doesn't require installation, but runs right off the CD with everything already installed on it.

    A good choice if you want to get the feel of KDE(one of the interfaces avaliable to Linux) and Linux in general before embarking on a quest to install.

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    How many times has this been asked?

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    Quite a few I'm sure. But times change, OSes change, opinions change, and I feel the question is always justified. Better to ask and gain the experienced opinion of others rather than step into one Linux OS and come out hating Linux with all of your guts. Even if it has been posted before, like I said, OSes change quickly and thus so does the experience with them.

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    I'd install SuSE too. Another idea you may want to play with is Knoppix. You could download a .iso, burn it to cd, and learn to use linux without having to install it.
    Is that like the linux phlack...runs from a cd...
    btw: im sorry if my question was inconvinient but just as pooh sun tzu said...times change and i never did actually use linux only linux just wanted to get some fresh opinions on this...

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