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Thread: Red Hat Linux 9.0 Pro vs.SuSe Linux 9.0 Pro

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    Red Hat Linux 9.0 Pro vs.SuSe Linux 9.0 Pro

    Here are to great Linux OS's Red Hat Linux 9.0 Pro and SuSe Linux 9.0 Pro. They have both been given great reviews, but I have been left questioning. I ahve heard SuSe is good because it can use some windows products and works well on the same computer that also has windows. But Red Hat Linux seems to have a very straightforward installation and great programs that come with it free, but is that it? I was just owndering of these two products, whcih oen fo them should I buy if I am going to be doing some programming vafter I also install BSD Unix.

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    well, redhat 9 is end of life in MArch 2004, which means redhat will no longer supply updates for it.... Supposedly they have made an updated up2date which will download and install other ( .deb and something else) updates for packages, but still, if you are buying something, don't get redhat 9.

    Suse seems pretty good so far, it has lots and lots of packages. Yast2 installer/utility seems really good. The only bitch I have so far is that they do not include mod_proxy with apache which means that when I use it, I need to compile apache from source. That is all well and good(some would argue more secure, though, that only applies if you are diligent about downloading and compiling patched versions, which is much easier to do using redhat up2date(discontinued for 9 in march) or yast2 on suse).

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