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Thread: Assembler Program Help

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    Assembler Program Help

    Im writing a password program in assembler but i have a few problems and need some help .
    the program works but has some errors ,when you input a wrong character a warning messege reads out on screen .The warning messege work except when you input the } and ] characters ,could someone look at the could and help



    .MODEL small

    .STACK 100H


    CR EQU 0dh
    LF EQU 0ah

    user_input DB 12 DUP(0)

    prompt_message DB ' Please enter a new password - ',CR,LF,'$'

    error_message_1 DB ' First character must be alphabetic - Re-enter ',CR,LF,'$'

    ;error_message_2 DB

    ;error_message_3 DB


    call initialise
    call password_prompt
    call check_first
    ;call check_rest
    ;call check_length
    call exit

    initialise proc

    mov ax,@data
    mov ds,ax
    mov bx,OFFSET user_input

    initialise endp

    password_prompt proc

    mov bx, OFFSET user_input

    ;now put the password message on the screen

    mov dx, OFFSET prompt_message
    mov ah,9

    int 21h

    password_prompt endp

    mov bx, OFFSET user_input

    check_first proc


    mov ah, 1
    int 21h
    cmp al,65
    jl error
    cmp al,122
    jg error
    ;jmp error still to finish
    mov[bx], al

    mov dx,OFFSET error_message_1
    mov ah,9
    int 21h
    jmp getfirst

    check_first endp

    exit proc

    mov AH,4Ch
    int 21h

    exit endp


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    Try Initialize
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    I don't know why the { curly braces wouldn't flag an error.
    but the [ square brackets pass your test for valid characters,
    being within the range you tested for.
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    Well, i dont know assembly, but i see one thing that may cause a problem

    ;call check_rest
    ;call check_length
    from other uses of the ; before a statement,i assume it is used for comments. If these two statements are necessary, this is what may be causing the problem. Also, as Wazz said, you spelled initialize wrong a lot.

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    Actually, Cube3k didn't spell initialise (initialize) wrong. There are two spellings of initialise. I'm not sure, but I think that initialize is the American spelling of the word, and being in Scotland, I would spell it initialise.

    lol, that was a great post :P

    [edit] Here are two links for you:

    They have slightly different meanings (in that initialise has two meanings, and initialize has one). For the way that Cube3k used it, it doesn't matter which way you spell it (unless this post has been a load of crap and initialize is an assembler keyword :P.



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    you got there just before me. initialise is the right spelling in english. I know that certain keywords are spelt in american form in certain codes but i am not sure if this is the case in assembler. I am sorry I cant help with the problem but the last time I looked at assembler code was over five years ago.
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