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Thread: hacking for political reasons????

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    Talking hacking for political reasons????

    Ok first of all don't ban me for this post it is just an opinion.......i have been thinking a lot about trying to react some way against injustice i see everyday next to me. Sometimes i think i should not harm the bad just help the good...but is it good to stay always passive in front of injustice? know when i first started being interested to the world of hacking and internet security the only think i had in mind was to hack sites,organizations,etc that do all sorts of bad things. I can say that AO has influenced me a lot ( on the opposite side) but i still think (even if i had never hacked till now, the most i have done so far is an nmap scan) that hacking could be a way to react against evil. Site defacement or even DoS could be a way not to revenge but to react politically and even in some cases put pressure on people or organisations (or govs) that harm other people... I know that an attack (DoS.etc) could sometimes harm even physically people and therefore i am not speaking of cyberterrorism but just activism. I would really like to hear some opinions because i am really confused concerning this subject...
    PS:maybe i used the term hacking a lot so i just want to make clear that this word means to me a hell lot more things than just packet flooding smb or defacing his site ....
    PS2: I know that i am speaking of illegal activity but i do not consider doing sth illegal for personal benefit (money,fame) i only want to find a way to speak up and react in front of injustice i see everyday (could put a lot of examples in these brackets i will just say look around you and tell me what you see)
    PS3: Do not just criticize or quote me,i would like to hear also of some other ways to react effectively...

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    It's a cliche but...

    *dons parent/teacher hat*

    "two wrongs don't make a right"

    Just because you think an injustice has been done it doesn't give you the right to do an injustice to someone else - who, for all you know, might be an innocent party.
    Paul Waring - Web site design and development.

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    Whenever there is a political controversy, most intelligent people
    realize that there are two sides to the argument. Maybe
    the injustices you see really are as obvious as you think, but maybe not.

    To act on your own authority to "right all the wrongs of the world"
    is the same kind of mindset that the oppressors and dictators have.
    "I'm right, you're wrong. I don't need to respect you, because you
    are evil"

    Idealists, if they are successful, eventually become tyrants.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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