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Thread: Buying Bandwidth

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    Buying Bandwidth

    I'm on eastlink digital cable and i heard about buying Bandwidth. Do you have to be a company to buy bandidth. or how do you go about buying it.

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    I'm not quite sure what that means. It may mean that you pay more for a faster service (more bandwidth for downloads/uploads).???
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    I would assume that if you were running a Business they would provide you with more bandwidth if it was needed But for a home user that maybe different. Best thing to do is either call them and ask that way or you could send them a email either way you will get a answer.

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    Yeah, around here we have "packages"

    There is:


    I chose gold because it's supposed to be a 2mb connection. It's been decent for me so far. Although, I must say, I haven't exactly seen those speeds at a constant.

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    The only time you'll see a constant speed is with DSL.

    Cable speeds tend to differ depending on the number of users hooked up to your node.

    As far as buying bandwith, I'm sure if you gave them enough money they would give you all the bandwith you wanted. lol

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