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Thread: NEW HERE.....needed help please....

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    NEW HERE.....needed help please....

    I downloaded Norton Personal Firewall 2004 and dont have code for it...i am searching for it all over place and cant find it
    if you have code...
    please please PLEASE give me code by sending me PM...


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    wait, hold on one second. you mean the source code? AFAIK, Norton Personal Firewall 2004, and all norton products for that matter, are closed source. Bascially, you'd be pretty hard pressed to find it. But i dont know, someone here must know it.

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    I think he downloaded a cracked version of Norton and he needs the Product key/Serial Number. Sorry pal we don't help to solve illegal issues. People put effort into making thesoftware i think they deserve to get paid, so buy it

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    whatever man....
    i am just ask for it....
    damn...its not gonna kill u if u donf give it....
    memory...please pm me.....

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    First off, as per the Legal Notices found at the bottom of every page:

    In connection with your use of the Site, you agree you will not:


    h) Violate any applicable local, state, national or international law;

    i) Upload or transmit any Material that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party;
    The last time I checked Norton's AV was copyrighted software distribution of it's "code" isn't allowed.

    Second, while it may not kill someone it might get them in jail.

    Third, the thread was removed from Code Review and put into GCC since it isn't a review of original programming by a member.

    Fourth, this thread is closed.
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