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Thread: Original CBC article on "the InterNet"

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    Talking Original CBC article on "the InterNet"

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    There is also a link in there to more emoticons than I would ever dream of using:

    My favourite is the Homer: ( 8(|)
    \"When you say best friends, it means friends forever\" Brand New
    \"Best friends means I pulled the trigger
    Best friends means you get what you deserve\" Taking Back Sunday

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    That was beautiful. I think I shed a tear on that one.
    My favorite part was
    Your not going to find page after page of Go to hell
    apparently he didn't flash forward about ten years to irc warriors.
    You shall no longer take things at second or third hand,
    nor look through the eyes of the dead...You shall listen to all
    sides and filter them for your self.
    -Walt Whitman-

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