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Thread: Linux shirts, where to buy in OZ?

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    Linux shirts, where to buy in OZ?

    hello fellow AO'ers,
    was just looking around on and noticed they dont have as many shirts as they used to, and was wondering if anyone here from australia might know where i can possibly get a linux themed shirt or 2?

    i dont have a credit card either so it would have to be a site that can do COD, altho i can borrow mums if i need to i think..... just thinkin that imstarting an IT job (at last) as part of me uni degree and want something for the casual days i hear they have....

    if anyone can point me in the right direction, please do so as i would appreciate it heaps
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    117 have lots of cool shirts and other stuff... They aint located in Australia but have International shipping (works great). I bought some shirts there a while ago, and it only took 3 working days for them to get from Ohio, US to Sweden. That is a good thing.

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