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Thread: Compiling using GCC

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    Compiling using GCC

    I am totally new to using gcc. Can someone tell me how i would compile a file called file.c in gcc? Once I compile file.c will I have to run any other commands in order to run the compiled file that gcc made?


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    At the prompt type:

    gcc file.c -o file

    gcc = compiler
    file.c = file to compile
    -o = create output and send to..
    file = final compiled product

    Assuming no errors, to run it you'd type ./file
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    if its a windows system your working on the "-o file" would be changed to "-o file.exe" or whatever namne you want to give the exe

    of course then you'd call the file by path and name to run it (c:\gcc\projects\file or whatever)
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