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Thread: Art of cracking ...

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    Art of cracking ...

    I am interested in learning how to crack programs. I have been collecting information about assembly language, debuggers etc etc. I have been doing a search of related information on the net. I have all the obvious information.
    I would like to know about some not so obvious sites on cracking. Advice on how to get into this field and becoming an expert cracker will be appreciated ...


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    As I'm sure you will hear in the coming moments, you may have chosen the wrong site to ask this question. lol

    Just a heads up.

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    I am interested in proctology...maybe we can get together and pull your head out of your ass

    <sarcasm above, in case anyone misses it>

    But seriously...wrong question, wrong forum, wrong site.... don't be discouraged, there is much to learn here if you really do care to learn something worthwhile (and won't get you put in jail)

    Maybe in your eagerness to learn something, you missed the site faqs. Here is a link: Please read through them and see what this site is about... you already found the appropriate forum for an inappropriate topic... so you have some brain cells..let's get them all working at the same time.

    If you are interested in security, pull up a chair. If you are still interested in being a script kiddie low life cracker, then you need to refine your google search further. You won't find what you want here. If you want to learn a skill that is more readily marketable, check out the tutorials section... that should keep you busy for days.

    I'm afraid you will never become an expert cracker...adolescence wears off long before then.

    Welcome to AO

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    If you called it reverse engineering you would get a better response ,as there are some fairly close minded and shallow holier than thou people here. You should take a look at it is not as reverse engineering based as it was years back but still a very very good resource. A search will find mirrors of the old site , try searching for "cracking" with the addition of these names/words ORC , woodman, benzedrine, fravia a fun place to play is (+mala's home) if you can't get into the site i suggest you start reading some more its very basic. You will find much gold at fravia's searchlores and with what i have provided you should be able to find thousands of hours of reading.
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    Thread closed. 'nuff said.
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