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Thread: how to find leftover stuff... maybe wrong forum

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    how to find leftover stuff... maybe wrong forum

    do you guys know any good software that will find leftover dll's, registry keys, proggies... etc, etc... from programs that i already uninstalled. My sysem drive & menu are plauged by leftovers... God knows whats running resident. I don't mean spyware, just uselessware.

    Thanx for your time

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    I've only used a couple apps from here, but you should be able to find what you need. If I'm reading your post correctly, you're just looking for applications to clean your disk...

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    You might try the McAfee site............I think that it is called "disckeeper" or ships with the security product, but there was a "lite" version that was free.


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    Good suggestions so far, lemme throw one more in. The disk cleanup utility included with Windows also can help in this regard as I understand. Of course it can't clean the registry, but there are many registry cleaners out there.
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    I use DLL works great. Check it out, here:
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    their 30 day trial should do the trick and after the 30 days you just try some other tool
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