Hello everyone...

I was wondering if you all could please clear up some questions I have concerning XP Home?

1. When typing control userpasswords2 at a command prompt, I see an option that says "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer". If I were to uncheck this option, would it then allow users to "remotely" log in to my system without a password? Or does this option strictly refer to physical access? Like if a user actually turned on my computer from home, he/she would automatically be logged in?

2. When I use the command net user to manage my other accounts, it allows you to change the "Full Name" of user account with net user username /fullname:"name". I've heard that this is the "proper" way to change your username (is this true?), but when I change the Full Name of an account, the username remains the same, yet the the Full Name of the account seems to change.

3. I've heard that by renaming the Administrator account, users encounter problems when using system restore. Is this true?

4. I've noticed that I also have 3 questionable accounts on my system, I think they are hidden, but nonetheless, I was wondering if it's safe to either delete them OR at least password protect them. They are: HelpAssistant, and two Support accounts, which are described as being:"This is a vendor's account for the Help and Support service".

Thanks so much!!!!!