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Thread: WinXP Folders

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    WinXP Folders

    What kind of info contain this folders and why they need and what can i do with them, etc.?
    Where can i find more information about windows folders?


    I did'nt found so much info in search engines

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    The prefectch folder is used in helping windows xp boot faster. It contains information about the programs that you use most often. Something to that degree, its been a while since ive looked at what it does exactly, other than that google would be a good choice to search for the other answers.
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    Seriously dude...its the in the windows folder and i dont suggest you play with those unless your a pro...i only check simple folders in \windows like...font, system32, system etc...
    and yeah use google for a change because a simple seach for those will give you enough results to keep you up all night

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    C:\windows\Registration contains files related to, there isn't much to do with them but you can access the logs. C:\windows\WinSxS: Multiple versions of the same resources (OCX, DLL, etc.) are placed here so that apps can use the specific version that is compatible for them. Files are renamed & indexed using manifest files (XML files with a “.manifest” extension). Don't mess with these. C:\windows\Prefetch, as Darksnake said, preloads files to help Windows boot faster. You can and should delete all files in this folder occasionally. That will make sure Windows doesn't try to call programs that have been removed from the system and also virii, trojan, or adware files that may be present on the system. Hope this helps.
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