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Thread: AO Security Discussion Spotlight on EIT - 01.20.04

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    AO Security Discussion Spotlight on EIT - 01.20.04

    Hi all,

    So here's what's new at Enterprise IT Planet Security...

    MsMittens is back with a look at an open source IDS that's not Snort.

    Last week's AO spotlight was on qod's tutorial series on Snort. Sense a theme here?

    And we dug up two articles from the archives:

    Fending Off a Vicious Attack
    Phil Hollows describes a hypothetical virus attack on a company's email system. Sound possible? Sound familiar? Take a look at what you can do to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

    Exploring Windows 2003 Security: IP Security
    Tutorial: Discover the improvements made to IPSec on Windows Server 2003 and get caught up with a general overview of the technology.

    Don't forget, if you spot a network security-related event (conference, expo, etc.) you think deserves mention in the AO calendar, PM me.

    Thanks to all for your contributions, suggestions and comments. Take care!

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    Thanks phernandez..

    Hat's off once again to MsM and congrats to qod !!!!

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