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Thread: Windows Registry Tweaks, Part 36

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    I noticed about 35 other threads in regards to tweaking registry keys here at AO (hence the title of this thread). Some of them were old but still really good stuff. I searched for a link in the forums and was surprised to not have found :
    It's a free trial program with some basic tweaks. I think for $30 you get over 1,000 tweaks. The free trial version has much less than that but, still offers some cool stuff.
    The primary ones I liked were related to optimizing your internet speed via registry tweaks (2 in total) for everything from dial-up to cable.
    There were some others I haven't totally checked out just yet but it seems pretty damn neat anyways. So if you don't fear playing around with your registry keys, check it out.

    Note - I put this thread in General Chit Chat because I didn't want to clog up the main page with a thread about having fun with your registry keys. There are far more pressing matters that need to be on the main page.
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    Sounds like a good thing...

    What about the X-Setup, they have an older version that free for home users but now it seems they switched to "paid software"

    This one has also lots of great tweaks for various windoze versions, starting from windoze98 to XP.

    They have some other tools I didnt check, including SDK for X-Setup.

    More about it on - where the free version is still availeble and the new site

    I check again the EULA licence and it seems the new version is still freware for home users but is a beta version atm.

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