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Thread: Problem with IBM Startup

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    Unhappy Problem with IBM Startup

    I have an old IBM PC 300GL and when I tried to start it, 5 beeps comes out, (1 long, 3 short, 1 long )...

    I've tried searching for some answer on Internet but I only have found 4 beeps (1 long 3 short) so far....

    Any guess what is it? I think it has something to do with the motherboard...

    Please Advise...


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    Should get you pointed in the right direction.
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    Thanks for the site info but I still haven't found the right beep code for my IBM PC...they only got at least 4 beeps (1long,3short beeps) in their list...
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    Have you checked to make sure that the cards are all connected inside the PC? Hav eyou tryed reseating the RAM?
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    I took a quick look around and I thought I would be able to find the answer at but I couldn't find one for 5 total beeps either..
    They have a forum at bioscentral but it appears to be mostly dead.

    perhaps your bios got corrupted.. I'd strip it down to just video,mem, cpu.. check that your bios battery is ok.. then I'd head over to IBM's support page and follow the steps/links they have.
    IBM support for bootup issues

    good luck..

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    Tried to insert a video card to check if it beeps and it stays. I figure that it might be the Motherboard...I've consulted all my friends and told me to check it on some sites. Still, no 5 beeps can show solution to my problem.
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    did you try looking at and doing all the steps/links in that IBM support link I gave you ?

    did you try stripping it down to it's basics ? and resetting it's bios ?

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    I am wondering if it is not an IBM deviant of Phoenix Bios?

    Hmmmm.......................a long time ago I think you get five beeps if there is an error at interrupt 28h in the post cycle, that's when it is testing extended memory.

    You might try taking out the memory and cleaning the contacts? then re-seating it.

    AFAIK Phoenix BIOS has the most complex beep codes of any, about 115 I seem to recall

    Check that it is the right sort of memory.........tin and gold contacts will foul up after a while.

    I just booted my PC300 GL but I could not see what the BIOS actually is.

    Just a thought

    EDIT: seems like I was mistaken, my previous experience was with a later BIOS

    1-3-1 is at 08h when it is checking the first 1024k of RAM:

    Failures accessing or initializing base (conventional) memory

    Explanation: A failure of some sort was encountered either initializing or testing the first 1 MB of system memory.

    Diagnosis: The first bank of memory probably has a bad memory chip in it somewhere. It is possible that there is a failure related to the motherboard or a system device as well.


    Troubleshoot the system memory.
    Troubleshoot the motherboard.

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    some good info there nihil .. here's some stuff I came up with.

    from some things I've read it's BIOS label: P/N 61H2471 IBM (c) 1999

    Do you have a specific model type located on the id tag on the back ?

    here's a bunch of links that relate to IBM's 300GL.. happy reading there's plenty of it .

    IBM PC300GL (Type 6563, 6564, 6574, 6593) system board.



    Technical Information Manual 6263, 6265, 6275, 6285, 6862, 6892

    IBM PC 300 Series
    Type: 6265, 6267, 6275, 6282, 6284, 6285, 6287, 6561, 6588, 6591, 65XX, 6862, 6872, 6272, 6277, 6263, 6892

    hardware info manual :

    another information manual

    Motherboard diagram :

    Jumper settings:

    IBM PC 300GL type 6267.

    edit : oops missed one..

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    Ok then, I'll see to it that those sites will help me solve it.

    Thanks Jenjen, nihil
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