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    Question Shutdown

    Ok, pretty much here is what happened
    I'm upstairs on my windows xp box and my win98se is downstairs on the same network, i don't feel like going downstairs to turn the computer off so i go to dos and type:
    shutdown -s -f -m \\family_room -t 10
    and it responds with
    the network path not found
    Why is that?
    i'm running zone alarm on the family_room computer but i've enabled it to share everything with the xp box, i can ping it as well as map drives to upstairs but can't turn it off
    any suggestions?
    also: i've never run that command before so its not like it was working and broke
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    0ri0n had the same problem

    Both of his computers were XP though. Try the suggestions in the thread and if it doesn't work, inform us.

    edit: Since you didnt use this command before i'd recommend you read this:

    shutdown.exe instructions:

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    You may try VNC, remote desktop. It is pretty fine to use "full control of" other PC.

    Can you other PC be shutdow or it is too old and you must push a botton on it?
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    You probably don't have rights to Act as part of the operating system and/or log on as a service. Go to start and run...type gpedit.msc..navigate to computer configuration, windows settings, security settings, local policy, and user rights assignment. Add yourself as a user to these policies. Hope this helps. Note: This will only work under XP Pro and the NTFS file system.
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