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Thread: ADSL setting...?????

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    ADSL setting...?????


    Hei, I m using Red Hat Linux 9(Downloaded from Internet). But I don't understand that my Lan card is not working which is 3Com Etherlink XL 10/100 PCI (NIC 3C95C-TX).............

    In (Linux) Hardware Browser I have network card 3C905C-Tx/Tx-M Tornado.
    Manufacture : 3Com Corporation
    Driver : 3C59X
    Device : /dev/eth

    And in Internet connection wizard is shown well.. Actually I have a DSL Connection with username & password, and I have a extra
    modem provided by the Company....

    1. After making a DSL Internet connection using LAN card when I try to Activate this connection it is not going to active....Why

    2. In Automatically obtain IP address setting what kind of IP I need to use... DHCP, BootUp, DailUP

    PLEASE....send me any sugestion........
    Hello Dear..

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    my connection is slightly diffrent in that i do not have a username or password but it is a broadband connection.
    In the IP settings you should just have it to obtain all information through DHCP.
    Just try that and see if it works.

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    Your ISP probably requires PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) to activate your DSL, which the modem they provided should easily be able to do. Most of the ones I have seen will not only connect your DSL but will provide a DHCP address to any system that requests it.

    At my home, I have the DSL modem piped into a router/firewall/switch/dhcp combo device. The modem defaults to a address and its LAN port is connected to the WAN port of the firewall (this is where you would plug the ethernet from your computer, assuming you have no other devices). The firewall then issues as a DHCP address request from the modem and is assigned an address. The computers in my LAN are then connected to the firewall switch ports, and can ask the firewall for addresses. The firewall then protects my LAN and routes between it and the DSL modem.

    I am not super familiar with Red Hat, but I would be suprised if there is not a PPPoE client available for it somewhere, try looking around. If not, just use your modem, and leave your PC setup to do DHCP (and plugged into the modem), it should work. I am also assuming that your DSL modem uses ethernet connections, not USB (which would be a different story).

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    hrm..... I just learned about the OS forum today, can ya tell I'm not paying much attention anymore?

    Setting up DSL in Linux is actually easier than in Windows because you don't have annoying screens. There are GUI based utilities for setting this up, but as everyone who knows me knows, I HATE GUIs and don't think they belong in the computer world, especially the linux world. Anyways in your console type adsl-setup. Yes, it's that simple. it'll prompt you for your username, password, device, yada yada yada. When it's done all you have to do is type adsl-start and you have your connection...

    I have no idea why your connection isn't activating, however in RH 9, there's usually a lil pop-up that'll tell you why. It'll say IRQ conflict, or that your NIC isn't functioning properly, or some other error. Anyways the adsl-setup should work for you, it's a glorious little app.


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