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Thread: SuSE EAL 3 Certification

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    SuSE EAL 3 Certification

    In news sure to please every SuSE fan, the company recently recieved EAL 3 Certification making it a contendeder for government contracts alongside Windows, HP-UX, Solaris and AIX. This milestone comes less than a year after they became EAL 2 Certified. Growing by leaps and bounds, and at present holding a higher EAL than their main competition Red Hat, who is still working on EAL 2. Odd that a distro with less market share than RH should climb the EAL ladder and hopefully soon to do the same in the market place. Who knows, maybe by next year or even this summer we will see SuSE getting contracts for the government? I also wonder if this is due partly to the help of Novell ?

    ZDNet Artcile [ here ]
    EAL Information [ here ]
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    That's very good,pretty good,really good.....because:
    a)i am a suse fan
    b)i am happy when a linux 'thing' (lol) goes well...especially if it kicks a bit M$ ass
    c)dont have anything else to say
    d) i am hungry
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