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Thread: Power/ Start up problem

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    Power/ Start up problem

    I'm running Windows XP on my newly made computer! I'm so siked but I think I assembled the case and motherboard incorrectly because about every 1 out of 6 times the computer will turn on when I press the power button but the Sony monitor wont pick it up and I'll have a "running" computer without a display. Anyone else have this problem?

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    I have come across problems like this befor, check your monitors connection to the graphics card give the caple a gentle tug and a wiggle to make sure its connected securly. Do the same at the monitor end of the cable also to make sure you havn't got a loose connection at that end. If this show the problem then look for anything obviously wrong inside the box try reseating the graphics card. If that doesn't work i find the best way to trouble shoot problems is to take the comp apart. Find someware safe and convienent and lay all the parts out, including the mother board. Then connect just the graphics and hard drive, make sure your board is not going to short on anything then try booting. If this goes ok add another item and boot again and so on untill all your hardware is connected. If all is well at this point take it all apart again and reasemble in the box.

    If the problem re-occures at this point then it would indicate a short on the mother board possibly caused by a badly possitioned mounting post or screw head.

    A word of warning though make sure you take all precations to prevent static when working on the components or you will fry something. Also make sure the surface you work on isn't conductive.

    Hope this helps.

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    thanx alot, ill try it tomorrow

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