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Thread: Power Problem

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    Power Problem

    When I boot the computer up it turns on, but there is no picture on the monitor. I know the monitor works correctly, and I know the cord between the monitor and the computer works also. The catch is when I turn on the monitor it shows the normal screen that says monitor test, but when I plug the cord from the monitor to the computer in, the monitor test goes away, and the screen goes black. Can anyone help? I haven't tried the graphics card yet.

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    I guess checking the seating of the video card is the next step. Then try another video card.

    However, have you tried booting into safe mode? If your video settings are beyond the capability of the monitor/card you can get a black screen.

    Before all that does the PC boot properly like the lights on the HDD blink, you can hear the drive, and do the Cd and floppy drives flash then go out?

    Try booting it and double hitting the enter key..........that works on this one

    Good luck

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    These kind of "black screen" problems are fairly common, but the causes of them are many.

    video cards, bad memory, bad power supply, bad cpu, your mobo and sometimes even the devices you had installed.. your NIC, modem, sound card holding down the bus. I'd strip it to it's basics.. only your mem,cpu and video, along with your PSU and mobo. then add your stuff back in if you start seeing video.

    Is this a new build ? if not, what changes have you done recently ? oh.. try reseting your bios with the jumper located near your bios chip.. (which should be right next to your battery or a module called an RTC ..real time clock)

    edit : IMPORTANT.. when you reset your bios, do it with the power supply cord unplugged or switch on the back of the PSU turned off..

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    If it's an AGP card, try re-seating the card (remember to ground yourself and discharge any static build-up)....AGPs are stubborn about going in the slot and generally need to be FIRMLY (but don't break your m/b) seated to function properly. If it's a PCI card, try a different might be having a resource conflict.
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    All the lights come on and everything, it seems to be working propperly. I just cannot get a picture to the screen. I have tried safe mode......

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    As asked earlier, is this a new system you are building or one you have been using? If it is one you have been using and the monitor is no longer responding - what happened just prior to it not working? In other words, did you add new hardware, download something from the Internet, install new software, update a driver or . . . ? Have you tried reseating your graphics card as suggested or stripping the system down to the basics? When you Power Up the system, do you hear any beeps? If so - how many and are they long or short?
    More information would help with tracking down the problem. If you have resolved the problem - please let us know. Thanks.

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