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Thread: deleteing user groups win xp pro

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    deleteing user groups win xp pro

    I can click on folders throughout my system and go to "security" , I can see multiple users on most folders. these users are named like "poweruser/"compname" " ......... I only have two user accounts set up on my pc. btw im useing winxp pro. my question is, if i go into the user management thing and delete all groups except Admin group (the one i use) , will thise remove all these users from haveing access throughout my system? let me know if you want me to elaborate on something or explain this differently im a newb to all this , tryin to secure my pc, peace

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    Why would you want to delete the built-in security groups (not that you can anyways)?
    BTW, this would do absolutely nothing to help secure your pc: in fact, if you wanted to be more secure, you wouldn't use an administrator account (ie: "Administrator" or another user member of the administrator group) but would use a normal (power user perhaps) account and use "run as" or switch users to do administration stuff.

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