When I got my new Hard Disk, I decided to try out Mandrake Linux instead of my usual Slackware. The setup went like a dream, however, since I couldn't remember my DNS server addresses, I edited my resolv.conf after the install to add the following lines and remove the line that starts with domain:

nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Now, everything seemed fine with all domains being resolved. However, except for a few sites (that are hosted in my country like google.co.in or indiatimes.com), nothing loads. My ISP's router blocks ICMP echo reply, so I can't ping anything to see whether it's up. However, by pinging, I did find out that all the domains resolve. Another interesting thing is that typing google.com redirects me to google.co.in (because of google's redirecting system) but type say, antionline.com, all it does is time out. A netstat says SYN_SENT for the connections that time out and established for the ones that load (obviously). Also, the net works fine from Windows XP.

I've setup the following things (just in case I'm missing something):
IP - Static IP address
Gateway -
DNS Servers - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx and xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx