I was recently on a programming messageboard where someone posted this link... I found it quite amusing, so I thought I would share some laughter.

I have some personal favorites...

>DOS:a command based o/s in windows.

>DUMB TERMINAL:a keyboard and video display connected to an network.

>.KERNEL:is a hacking term used to describe the core of an o/s or program.

>OS/2:a windows like o/s from ibm,microsoft windows is like a clone of os/2 with very much the same features.

link: http://drackel.koolhost.com/hackingdictionary.html

whether this site is a hoax or not... ill leave that for some one else :-p. I went and checked the links section to see who they thought was a credible source of information and noticed a link here (remmbered I have an account here). so I decided to post it here so you know how great of an influnce you guys have on the world :-p. j/k, enjoy the laugh tho.

---> BinaryMayhem